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REDD+ Readiness in Ethiopia

ISD, with support from FCPF through Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), prepared a series of trainings of Training of Trainers (TOT) to strengthen the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in REDD+ readiness.

The first round took place from August 21, 2017 to August 29, 2017 in Debre Zeit BONITA Youth Development Training Center. ISD engaged 6 CSOs that are working on REDD+ activities with local forest dwelling communities. A total of 15 participants took part in the training.

The second round training for TOT took place from October 24, 2017 to November 2, 2017 in Addis Ababa, ISD’s Resource center. There were 19 participants from 11 CSOs who took part in the training.

Youth and Women

Second Call for SUNSAI Proposals

The Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD), in collaboration with IFOAM International, is launching the second phase of the Scaling up Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture Interventions (SUNSAI) project to improve the nutritional status of women, children and the people at large in North and South Wollo Zone, Finfine Zuria Oromia Special Zone and Addis Ababa City.

ISD advertised the first call to all governmental, non-governmental and private organizations who are interested to take part in the two-year project and bring about change in their community. Accordingly, the proposals were evaluated and 4 of them were selected.

Now ISD is launching the second call for SUNSAI proposals for all governmental, non-governmental and private organizations who are interested to take part in the two-year project and bring about change in their community are invited to submit proposals.

For proposal submission, download and read the guidelines at https://maan.ifoam.bio/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=27263370&preview=/27263370/27263368/SUNSAI%20guidelines-Revised.docx. You must also download and use the application format https://maan.ifoam.bio/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=27263370&preview=/27263370/27263369/Application%20form%20for%20proposals%2C%20SUNSAI.docx. Completed application forms must be submitted electronically to

Printed copies of the guidelines and application form are also available at ISD Addis Ababa Main Office and Dessie Branch Office.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 25 February 2019

Interested applicants can get additional clarification on the application process from ISD Main Office in Addis Ababa and ISD Dessie Branch Office. If you have any questions concerning the proposal submission please also call: +251 923 369190 or +251 911 709180

Full address of ISD is available on the last page of the guideline



EOAI is a continental project whose overall goal is to mainstream EOA into national agriculture systems, policies and practices by 2025 in order to improve agricultural productivity, food security, access to markets and sustainable development in Africa.

EOAI Vision

Vibrant Ecological Organic Systems for Enhanced Food Security and Sustainable Development in Africa

EOAI Mission

To scale up ecologically sound strategies and practices among diversified stakeholders through institutional capacity development, scientific innovations, market participation, public policies and programs, outreach and communication, efficient, coordination, networking and partnerships


1. To increase documentation of information and knowledge on organic agricultural products along the complete value chain and support relevant actors to translate it into practices and wide application

2. To systematically inform producers about the EOA approaches and good practices and motivate their uptake through strengthening access to advisory and support services

3. To substantially increase the share of quality organic products at the local, national and regional markets

4. Strengthen inclusive stakeholder engagement in organic commodities value chain development by establishing national, regional and continental multi-stakeholder platforms to advocate for changes in public policy, plans, programs, and practices

Strategic Focus/Pillars of EOAI

1. Research, Training and Extension Pillar: Understanding research and training gaps within EOA value chains and undertaking activities to fill them.

2. Information and Communication Pillar: Creating awareness and strengthening EOA extension support systems through diverse information and communication strategies, products and technologies.

3. Value Chain and Market Development Pillar: Stimulating development of sustainable markets and increase trade in traditional and high value agricultural produce both at domestic and export levels within EOA.

4. Networking and Partnerships Pillar: Promoting engagement by relevant stakeholders including governments, farmers, civil society, private sector and the international community.

5. Policy and Programme Development Pillar: Supporting the development and implementation of enabling policies and programmes.

6. Institutional Capacity Development Pillar: Supporting and equipping professionals with skills and competencies to promote EOA in Africa.