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Physical Adress: Merkel flower hotel area Duki Building Suite #603
Phone: +251911206383
Whatsapp/Viber : +12404217194 P.B.Box 9091
Email: kalebtas@gmail.com
Website: www.bonoglobal.com

BONO PLC was established in 2008. With our commitment towards quality and satisfaction, by 2020 we want to become the number one organic coffee exporter. We want to make a difference in the Ethiopian coffee industry through continuous improvement of our internal processes in order to ensure stronger relationships with the international market for Ethiopian Organic and specialty coffee. And its mission is to provide ORGANIC high-quality coffee to the international market. In order to comply with this, we rely on high-tech equipment required for the benefit, selection, and classification of any type of supremo, which guarantee we are able to fulfill all the international export standards.