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External VacancyAnnouncement

Institute for Sustainable Development(ISD) in collaboration with Centre d’Actions et de RéalisationsInternationales (CARI) is planning to implement a project,“Agroecology, ensuring food security and sustainable livelihoods while mitigating climate change and restoring land in dryland regions” (so-called AVACLIM Project. So, ISD should like to recruit a competent and well-experienced coordinator for the project with the following qualification and experiences.

Level & Type of Education & Work Experience: MSc Degree or BSc Degree in Plant Science, Dry Land Agriculture, or similar type of education with 8 or 12 years minimum work experience respectively; of which 3 or 5 years minimum work experience in agroecology development respectively.

Place of work: Addis Ababa with frequent travel to implementation sites

Salary: Attractive

Duties and Responsibilities of the Coordinator: The Coordinator is directly responsible to the Program Manager and to closely work with Administration & Finance Manager as regards financial matters, for the respective activities as appropriate as it has to perform the following duties and responsibilities

1)      Implement AVACLIM project in Ethiopia under ISD’s overall management, with ISD and CARI support:

  • Identify at least 5 different initiatives agro-ecology projects and practices across drylands in Ethiopia and document them through "fact sheets" and other complementary documents with the analysis of their results
  • Organize one national workshop for exchange of experience on successful agroecological innovations (the different initiatives agro-ecology projects and practices documented) with the participation of diverse stakeholders in line with the guidelines provided by CARI
  • In the workshop lead discussions in order to share the initiatives to achieve the defined objectives
  • Support the development of the evaluation tool and facilitate the discussion with the national scientist
  • Organize country meetings for discussion on and adaptation of the indicators of the assessment tool, definition of the data collection protocol
  • Ensure the proper training of interns on the use of the multi-criteria assessment tool and their logistical accommodation on the data collection
  • Develop and implement a facilitation strategy for the community in the drylands to share the knowledge developed through the agroecological initiatives in the country
  • Select with the component 2 leaders, at least two initiatives implemented by the project’s intervention/initiative Implemented for assessment by the evaluation protocol developed and share the results in the workshop organized for the purpose
  • Produce with the component 3 leaders, the advocacy strategy for Ethiopia highlighting the relevance of agro-ecology in development addressing different key stakeholders identified, share this with others in the network of the AVACLIMand ensure the strategy’s implementation.
  • Participate in the implementation of the international advocacy strategy targeting key stakeholders
    • Inform the public or others the results of the AVACLIM project, during the implementation when there is information readily available to the public through some means ( e.g use of newspaper,  press conference) 
    • Based on the AVACLIM Project agreement and the project Procedures Manual between CARI and ISD, deliver reports or documents timely to CARI through ISD leadership
    • Monitor and control the projects fund utilization as ISD’s guidelines and procedures as well as the agreement signed by CARI with ISD
    • Participate in the recruitment or appointment among the ISD staff to be assigned as his assistant
    • Perform other activities that are similar to the above duties and responsibilities and for the project and the network of the AVACLIM,

2. Ensure the regular and fluent collaboration with CARI and the communication of the project

Interested applicants are advised to submit their application within 5 days from the first day of this announcement by hand to our main office located on the main road to Megenagna close to the British Embassy in front of MENAROL Building. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted by phone.

Contact address: Tel: +251-116-186774,   +251-912 98 60 74

                         Email: sustaindeveth@gmail.com