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    Organic Agriculture


Scaling-up and Dissemination of Push-Pull Technology – (ICIPE) implemented by ISD


Push-Pull Technology (PPT) is an environmentally friendly Technology package consisting of two companion plants Desmodium (a legume) and a grass family (Bracheria or Elephant grass) which is released by ICIPIE for the biological control or reducing infestation of stem borer and spread of parasitic weed striga which mainly affect Maize and Sorghum production. The application of this technology is multipurpose for farming communities as it enhances soil fertility and provides nutritive animal fodder for livestock and improve livelihood of rural households. ISD, through its branch offices in Dessie and Mekelle is closely working with the agricultural extension offices in the two regions to disseminate PPT along the corridors of stem borer and striga infestations in 4 weredas of Tigray and in 4 wereda of South Wollo zone.

Objectives, Interventions/Activities and Main Achievements

Objective: Farmers in the three project weredas adopting and adapting PPT for reducing the infestation of stem borer and striga weed and to secure their foods

Outcome 1(Tigray): Decreased infestation of stem borer and striga for farmers and in 3 weredas of Tigray with improved yield, animal feed and soil condition by December 2018

Output 1.1: Decreasing infestation of stem borer and striga weed, reducing fruit flies and insects for 200 HH in 3 weredas of Tigray with improved yield, income generating, animal feed and soil condition by December 2018


  • 32 kg quality desmodium seed collected and purchased for 500Birr/kg from 25 (6 F) farmers of Asgede-tsmbla & Tahtay-maichew woredas and distrusted to farmers in four weredas (18 kg to Asged-tsmbla, 7 Kg to Tahtaymaichew, 6 Kg of Kola- tembein and 1 Kg to Tanqua-abergele)
  • Training of 97 (24F) farmers and 13(5F) extension experts on different pest and weed control methods/approaches (biological, mechanical, etc.) and as well as distribution of desmodium seeds in two woredas (Tahtay maichew & Asgede tsmbla) has been implemented. The training emphasized that generally integrated agricultural activities are the best and most alternative for increasing production and productivity for instance introducing PPT, soil fertility, conserving soil moisture, use clean seed which free from weeds, daily checking and follow up the farms, proper crop rotation, inter tiled etc.