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    Organic Agriculture

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation was formed in May 1909 and has since been instrumental in influencing most major decisions on environmental issues such as environmental legislation, that the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency was established and that there are eco-labeling of goods and services.

The SSNC supported the EOA initiative for Africa particularly implemented by ISD Ethiopia comprised of the 6 pillars.

Pillar 1: The research training and extension

Pillar 2: Information Communication activities were implemented mostly in Tigray and South Wollo areas through partnerships with local area extensions. This is accomplished to ensure ecological sustainability through using renewable resources, proper management & use of natural resource and enhance high quality and quantity productions for improving community livelihoods

Pillar 3: Value chain and market development) was synergized with SDC BvAT supported EOA program and implemented in Holeta and South Wollo areas with particular emphasis on value chains of selected organically produced vegetables through a working partnership with local area extension, research institutes, and Wollo University.

Pillar 4 linking and networking activities were implemented with school environment education clubs of 24 government schools with the general objectives of linking the young people with knowledge of local communities and building up environmental awareness.

Pillar 5: which focused on policy and program development also required to be complementing the work under the CLO (supported by SDC- BvAT) for sensitizing of EOA practitioners from local and regional decision-makers in Tigray region in the plan year.

Pillar 6: SSNC supported pillar six’s activities were fully utilized to build the institutional capacity of ISD.